Award of managing partner of AF OLGA Audit LLC Artur SurmenkoAward of managing partner of AF OLGA Audit LLC Artur Surmenko

Founder of OLGA Audit was elected to the Board of the Union of Auditors of Ukraine.Founder of OLGA Audit was elected to the Board of the Union of Auditors of Ukraine.

We are 15!We are 15!

 Financial consulting

  • Management accounting arrangement, including development of the detailed instructions and rules of conducting the administrative (internal) accounting of the company, and also help is in its management;
  • Development and introductions of budget system, and also cash flow control, that supposes declaration of procedures and forming rules, and also control and company’s budget implementation analysis on the whole;
  • Economic analysis of the activity of the separately taken company, and also groups of companies. Offering the client a few variants of models of similar analysis;
  • Preparation of short-term and long-term business plans, including supposing development of the detailed program of the company’s activity, directed on achieving the  assigned task in a short-term and long-term perspective;
  • Organization of financial service of the company «as start-up process», which supposes suggestion of financial services optimal structure, including placing submission vectors, description of employees function requirements, systems of responsibility for retreat from implementation entrusted such employees of duties, and also determination of commons rules of financial service work;
  • Financial department work optimization for the trade retails companies, industrial, building, holdings.
  • Providing of recommendations for organizations (reorganizations) of financial department of the separate company, and also groups of companies. Suggestions on the improvement of work of the financial service in the company taking into account the performing of the assignment formulation before it;
  • Providing of help in the credits and grants getting, issue of securities, that supposes negotiating with financial institutions on behalf of the company, defending of its interests, preparation of necessary package of documents, other.



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