Award of managing partner of AF OLGA Audit LLC Artur SurmenkoAward of managing partner of AF OLGA Audit LLC Artur Surmenko

Founder of OLGA Audit was elected to the Board of the Union of Auditors of Ukraine.Founder of OLGA Audit was elected to the Board of the Union of Auditors of Ukraine.

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Support service

Permanent and long-term collaboration (the support service) between the Client and our Company has a lot of positive aspects.
The information about the Client’s business state and objectives allow us to decide quickly and operatively the nascent questions, and also to predict and - as a result - to warn possible problems in accounting, taxation, internal control of an enterprise or its management system.
A continuous collaboration is provided by the individual approach in planning of joint work, it minimizes the probability of accounting misstatements, and allows to solve the problem basing on the comprehensive knowledge of the issue and providing thus high efficiency of the analysis and the offered solutions.

Support services fee is:

kind of service characteristic of service UAH/month (from)
accounting and tax consultations any accounting and tax consulting services from 3000
auditors’ support any accounting and tax consulting, quarterly review of the financial and tax reporting from 5500

The cost of service is determined individually for every Client. By determination of cost of support service different factors are taken into account, such as:

  • Sphere of activity of the potential Client;
  • Form of providing of consultations – writing, verbal;
  • Estimation of the Client’s monthly amount of consultations;
  • Execution terms of the financial and / or tax reporting review – quarterly, once in a half-year, once per year;
  • Other factors taking into account the individual necessities of the Client.

The cost of the support service remains permanent during the collaboration period specified by the parts, regardless of possible increase of the work volume. In future the cost of the service can be changed by the parts depending on the necessity of change of the collaboration terms, necessity of providing of different types of services, and also by reason of considerable (more than 25%) diminishing or multiplying its volumes.

In case of your personal interest in our services, please, contact us on telephone (+38 044) 545-6-777 or please send us a request to our e-mail

The responsible specialists of our company will be able to answer all Your questions. When necessary, we will send You a questionnaire, which information will allow us to specify Your requirements in consulting, accounting or audit services. We can also organise a business meeting for a detailed discussion of all necessary aspects of our possible collaboration.

We very much hope that the result of such preliminary measures will be our long-term and mutually beneficial collaboration.



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